White Henna | How do I Take Care of It?

White Henna | How do I Take Care of It?

How do I Take Care of my White Henna design?

White henna is not actually henna at all! This is because white henna does not contain any ingredients that real henna normally has to stain the skin. White henna sits on the skin and is not removed or stain the skin. It is a type of embellishment kind-of like body glitter.

 How to prepare the skin prior to your appointment:

  • Make sure to wash your hands prior to applying white henna
  • Avoid applying any lotions or oils prior to applying henna as it will be difficult for the white henna to adhere to the skin

Once the white henna is applied, you will want to keep the design safe for 10-15 minutes while the design dries. It is good to note that white henna could last approximately 1-5 days depending on the area of the body. On average, white henna on the fingers can last up to 2 days, on the hands it can last up to 3 days, and on the body it can last up to 5 days. To ensure longevity of the stain, avoid the following: hot water, steam, sweat, oils, makeup remover, alcohol, and scrubbing the tattoo.

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