Skin Allergies & Conditions

If you have any known or suspected skin allergies, please consult with your doctor before booking a session with us. All of our product ingredients are listed on shop under each specific paste product. If you have any skin allergies, it’s your responsibility to let us know before your session. We are happy to adjust our henna paste ingredients to the mildest blend possible for you.


Henna Stain Development

We cannot guarantee any expected results or desired color of stain from our henna applications. Medical conditions, medications, and individual body chemistry can determine the potency of the henna stain on the skin. We cannot guarantee length of time the henna design will last, or the color that will emerge on your particular skin tone. Customers have reviewed a range of stain colors varying from dark brown to burgundy. We cannot predict or guarantee a specific color of henna. We will always provide you with the highest quality of body art pastes and proper aftercare instructions for each session. It is the responsibility of the guest to follow the instructions to get the best stain possible.