About the Artist

Japinder Singh

Owner | Artist

Hey there, I am Japinder, but my friends call me Jay!

First, to give you a glimpse of my life in photo form... the pictures on the right show you the three loves of my life, which is, henna, my red hair ;P , and my little bunno Coffee!

The last photo was from the day I adopted my fur little baby. This photo may not be the most refined photo out there of me, but this photo is real for me. It makes me happy!

But, let's get back to introducing myself and the beginning of my henna journey.. I am currently a business student as well as a full time self-taught Henna Artist. I began my henna journey in India, 2007.

My Nana Ji & Nani Ji - maternal grandfather & grandmother - who were living in Amritsar, Punjab at the time, took me to my first beauty parlour where I had henna paste adorned all over my hands and feet! I was mesmerized by the henna artist's skill and creativity. She had the ability to create custom designs on the spot with such ease. I had my "love at first sight" type moment with henna! I was already quite inspired by art and had been working with water and oil paints, however, once I experienced my first large henna tattoo I decided that this was something I wanted to get my hands on.

I decided to purchase a few instant henna cones from India (which I DO NOT recommend using now that I am well informed on natural vs. instant chemical henna cones) and brought them back to Canada with me where I started practicing on myself. My classmates started noticing my body art and I started applying it for them as well! In the beginning henna was a creative outlet for me. As I practiced more and more my artistry developed. I was creating clean designs and line work, my hands were more steady.

Close friends and family encouraged me to pursue my passion for henna on a deeper level so I decided to start my own small business whilst completing my Biological Sciences degree in BC. Once I moved back to my hometown, Calgary, I carried on with my studies to complete my business degree while also focusing more of my attention on my one true love, henna!

By looking at my previous work in my portfolios, I hope you can feel the love and passion that I put into every commissioned body art piece that I have created over the years.

​xx Jay