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Jay's Henna Art

50/50 Blend Cones | Bundle of 5

50/50 Blend Cones | Bundle of 5

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JHA’s 50/50 Blend Cone are made using our fresh organic Rajasthani henna powder, organic jagua powder, organic jagua juice, and high quality chemical free ingredients that yield a deep chestnut-black stain!

This paste consists of a 1:1 mixture of JHA's signature Jagua Paste and Henna Paste. The creamy-jelly consistency helps drape strings of paste with minimal breaks, create interact line work that does not bleed into itself, and place bold Arabic-style designs for a striking look!

Our 50/50 Blend Paste will stain the skin to create a beautiful chemical-free body art that lasts up to 2 weeks!

As a note, each individual's skin chemistry is different. With the combination of different skin chemistry and the 50/50 Blend Paste, the stain can range from a deep chestnut-brown to a black stain. The stain can be dependent on the length of time the paste is left on the skin, aftercare, and the ability for the skin to absorb the paste.

Additional Information:

50/50 Blend Cones Contain: Large cellophane cones with pin at opening for easy closure, Filled with our JHA's Signature 50/50 Blend Paste.
Ingredients: JHA Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder, Organic Jagua Powder, Organic Jagua Juice, Water, Sugar, Xanthan Gum, and Essential Oil.
Weight: 20-22 grams per cone, 100-110 grams in total.

Natural henna cones are perishable items. Therefore, you must track your order and make sure to put the cones in the freezer the same day they are delivered.
Canada Post packages go out on Mondays only. Priority mail express will always be the best option for the freshest henna cones. We understand not everyone can use this method, however express is what we always recommend for the best results. If you live in rural parts of Canada, we strongly suggest using Priority mail express. Please place your order by Saturday 9 PM MST to ensure timely delivery for Monday. All deliveries made after this time will be shipped the following Monday.
Return/Refund Policy: Jay's Henna Art does not provide refunds for perishable products.

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