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Sculpted Gel Extensions

Sculpted Gel Extensions

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Nail Art

Our Sculpted Gel Extensions is a type of nail extension creates using hard gel that is sculpted and shaped to add length and strength to the nail. Unlike traditional extensions, sculpted extensions are built using a hard gel with no plastic tips added.

The service consists of of a dry/Russian manicure, a layer of soft gel, and a custom form extension to provide instant support and length to your natural nails. You have the option to add a gel polish color or add a design, and finished with top coat, currerd with. aUV lamp.

A great option:

  • For individuals who are allergic to the chemicals within the glue used for plastic tips
  • Customization of your extension to your natural nail shape
  • Enhanced durability
  • Natural finish
  • Ideal for longterm wear

A gel manicure service includes a single gel color. For more information on pricing, check out the price list located in the carousel of photos. Nail Art will be charged at the end of appointment.

Service Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Longevity: Up-to 4 weeks


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